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 Walk-in is a time we provide on Monday through Friday from 7:45 am to 8:30 am when existing patients may be seen without an appointment for an uncomplicated illness or injury such as a rash, sore throat, earache, or other acute problem. This time is not for chronic, persistent problems such as constipation, recurrent bellyaches, chronic headaches, behavior concerns, immunizations, or limb pain lasting for an extended period of time. These visits should be scheduled with his or her regular physician at an appointed time. Sports physicals and well visits are also to be pre-scheduled and cannot be seen on a walk-in basis. 

Did you know that you can go to walk in hours at either office? Even if you are primarily a patient in the Broomall location you can still go to our West Chester location. No matter where you are, we are your medical home! 

Also note that your child should be current on Well care. Current is having had their well visit in the last year if over the age of 2. If under 2 years of age they must be up to date on the recommended schedule.